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Top 10 Movies I Rewatched Many Times

A light list for a Sunday :)

    1. The Terminal

    “- Amelia Warren: I just keep ingesting these poisonous men until I make myself sick.
    - Viktor Navorski: You're not sick, Amelia, no. You're a little far-sighted.”

    2. Harry Potter

    On Netflix now, and I just finished them :)

    “Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.”
    Albus Dumbledore

    3. Interstellar

    “After you kids came along, your mom, she said something to me I never quite understood. She said, "Now, we're just here to be memories for our kids." I think now I understand what she meant. Once you're a parent, you're the ghost of your children's future.”

    4. Jason Bourne

    “The success of any trap lies in its fundamental simplicity. The reverse trap by the nature of its single complication must be swift and simpler still.” ― Robert Ludlum, The Bourne Identity

    5. Bad Boys

    "We ride together, we die together. Bad boys for life". :)

    6. Gladiators

    “What we do in life…..echoes in eternity.” – Maximus

    7. 3 idiots

    Very funny but thoughtful Indian movie.

    8. Minions

    Well, of course!

    9. RED

    I love this movie :)

    10. Die Hard

    Of course!

    11. Last Vegas

    I had to put this one :)

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