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Top 10 ways to make friends in a new city

I have moved a lot in my life since I was a kid. I have moved plenty in my adult life as well. I will toss out some ideas here and hope they help someone in any way.

    1. Get outside

    Walk around your new neighborhood. Say hi to anyone and everyone you see. If you have a dog, that's an instant ice breaker. You should consider getting one just for that reason. Spend time riding a bike, jogging, doing yard work or whatever you enjoy doing outdoors, people will notice.

    2. Make it a point to talk to people where you shop

    Instead of getting everything on Instacart, Door Dash and Amazon, make it habit to go to local stores both big box and small, local businesses and talk to people there, talk to the employees, meet the managers or business owners.

    3. Make a gift basket for your new neigbors

    Make or buy a gift basket of some type, or a dessert tray (nobody turns down dessert) cookies, cupcakes, candy. You could either ring their doorbell and offer it to them, or you could leave it with a note at their door. If one of your neighbors has kids that you know of, maybe a gift card to a fun place nearby, or a toy or something for them?

    4. Have a party!

    I love parties! It could be an outside party if the weather is good, it could be inside only or maybe both. You could make it kid friendly or adults only. You could have it catered, make your own food or potluck if you wish. If there is an event you like watching like UFC, Sporting event, Wrestling or a popular tv show...have a watch party at your place.

    5. Community events

    Look up local happenings and events and go to them. Find groups or online communities that you can join and participate in. Join the HOA if there is one. Be a neighborhood watchdog or join or create a book club for the neighborhood.

    6. Frequent local popular spots

    Maybe there's a popular store many people go to that you can meet others at? A restaurant, an ice cream store, coffee shop.

    7. Volunteer

    Every city in just about every state has volunteer opportunities. You can meet many people doing this

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