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Top annual sports I enjoy watching

Inspired by a Tweet. If you asked me tomorrow, I might put them in a different order.

    1. NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament

    I despise any and all references to dancing or the dance or anything similar but love the tourney. I used to take the first two days of the tourney off back before I was self employed.

    2. Major League Baseball

    I get the sense that most people don't like baseball but I love it.

    3. Tour de France

    I love the scenery and I think announcer Phil Liggett is a lot of fun to listen to, great memories of Phil and Paul Sherwen calling the race all those years

    4. College World Series

    Baseball, love it.

    5. Frozen Four

    Said in a Boston (where I am from) accent; cawlidge hawkey.

    6. Dakar Rally

    Just finishing up this weekend, the trucks are my favorite. I used to know one of the drivers in the car division.

    7. NLL Lacrosse

    I pretty much love all lacrosse

    8. College lacrosse

    Like I was saying

    9. NFL Season

    Love all football

    10. Monaco Grand Prix

    The imagery of the cars racing through the city amazes me.

    11. Tuesday Night MACtion

    MAC refers to the Mid American Conference, a college conference that in November plays its football games on Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights, the mid-week tradition started a few years ago on Tuesdays.

    12. General

    I also really enjoy minor league or lower level competition like smaller colleges or secondary soccer leagues or minor league baseball. It seems they have a little more at stake or like with MAC football, the percentage of games that are great is very high.

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