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Top Countries You Have Been To

    1. India

    Eye opening. People very nice, seem happy. As a short Westerner, I was tall in India! Food was really good and cheap. The drivers are crazy. Seems like no rules? Have heard things have changed, but was a wonderful experience.

    2. Argentina

    Beautiful people. Enjoyed the food.

    3. Uruguay

    Amazing beaches. Seemed like there was no one there. Uncrowded.

    4. United Kingdom

    Lot of history. Great pubs. London is a big city, but doesn't have super tall buildings like most major cities. Great public transportation. Weather nice in the summer.

    5. Belgium

    Great beer and chocolate. Nice people.

    6. Spain

    They eat dinner so late! Seemed like good quality of life.

    7. USVI

    Island I visited was small, not much going on. Beautiful beaches.

    8. Bahamas

    Didn't see much, but resort. Beautiful beaches.

    9. Puerto Rico (Technically USA)

    People very happy. Know how to live life and have a good time. Lot of history. Small island with rain forests, beautiful beaches, people, mountains.

    10. USA

    So different depending on where you go. People are very friendly, but very work-driven culture.

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