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Top Ten Things That Make B.C. Better than Ontario

This reflects my personal, individual experience living in the Fraser Valley, and Peel regions, respectively (and respectfully). I will make a corresponding list of why Ontario is better than BC too, coming soon.

    1. Milder Winter

    You can still ski and do snow sports, but in the Fraser Valley, shovelling your driveway isn't as much a factor

    2. Schools stayed Open

    Constant school closures and the stress of trying to manage virtual school is pretty much what drove us to move out to British Columbia.

    3. Better Skiing

    4. Less 'Rush'

    It feels like a slower-paced vibe in the Fraser Valley - to be honest, it took some getting used to.

    5. Shorter Wait Times At Hospitals

    In my limited experience (2-3 visits to the emergency department), the waits were shorter by 2-3 hours. Nothing to show off about, but still better than in Ontario.

    6. Scenery

    I'll never get sick of seeing the mountains, and being able to have a short drive to the Pacific ocean is appealing too.

    7. A sense of community

    This is hard to put my finger on, but there are so many churches in the area that have youth groups, pickle ball, and community/charity outreach in addition to their religious services that it's hard to ignore the sense of connectedness within the local community.

    8. Fresh produce

    So many farms in the area - eggs are the product that we have noticed are most improved in quality compared to buying from a grocery store.

    9. Air Travel

    Swoop has cheap flights out of Abbotsford airport (which we've admitted used to fly to Ontario, of course). I think the Vancouver airport is nice to look at and seems to be run more efficiently than Toronto Pearson too.

    10. Lush Forests

    Hiking a moss-covered trail feels magical to me.

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