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Topics I would like to read about in 2022

Some subjects I would like to learn more about this year

    1. Artificial intelligence

    A realistic opinion on how it could effect the economy and day to day life in the near and distant future

    2. Personal finance that is not American centric

    Most personal finance advice is primarily American based and not as applicable in my country

    3. The effects of inflation

    A more detailed look into the causes of inflation and a more accurate indication of the current and historical indicators, outside of the CPI

    4. Habits vs Addiction

    What is the phycological difference between a healthy habit and an unhealthy compulsion

    5. Routines and habits of successful business leaders

    I've read several books on the habits and daily routines of creative people. I'd like to read one on type A individuals

    6. How to google effectively

    Google algorithm has been changing for the worse recently. I'd like to learn how to effectively search

    7. My idols, idols

    I would like to learn who my idols looked upto when they were in my stage of life.

    8. How to have a good relationship with your children

    With a baby on the way, I want to learn how to give it the best life and have a healthy, open relationship with him

    9. How to effectively set and achieve goals

    How to efficiently set out and achieve my goals

    10. Other people's Idea lists

    What other people are interested in and what other people's ideas are
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