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Toys I loved

Toys I loved

    1. Super sockers

    The best water guns ever. Me and my friends would spend summers shooting each other with these guns. Are they still a thing? 

    2. Pokemon Cards

    I was obsessed with pokemon. Unlike most folk I learned the rules and would play the card game. I've not played since the early 2000's but I loved the time that I did. 

    3. Beyblades

    Customisable spinning tops. It was the customisable part that made them great. It allowed you to stratagise and build the best ones for battle. More toys should impliment a customisable option. 

    4. Lego

    The god of toys. So many options. It's expensive, but worth it. I still enjoy lego. 

    5. Crazy bones

    Little bits of plastic in the shape of monsters. You stand them up and take turns flicking one to knock down your opponents crazy bones. You keep whatever you knock down.

    Very simple idea, but the school was full of kids with them. Different colours /styles indicated rarety and made a few saught after. 

    When making toys add scarcety into the mix. 

    6. Yugioh cards

    Really simple card game, but it was fun. I preferred pokemon. 

    7. Yoyo

    I really enjoyed yoyos super simple, but kept me amused. 

    8. Skateboard

    I managed to learn one or two tricks. The ground here isn't made for skateboards. Maybe I'll pick it up again if I move somewhere with flat ground. 

    9. Pogo stick

    I got pretty good at it, but it gets boring fast. 

    10. Scented pens

    Pens that smelt like bananas and other fruits. Made writing more fun. Take something boring and add a little fun to it. 
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