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Train compartment

In The Netherlands, trains always have a 'silence train compartment'. That's a compartment where you have to stay silent. That gave me a thought, what more type of compartments could a train have?


    1. Reading aloud compartment

    People like stories and people like to connect. Telling stories or reading aloud is the most ancient way of people to connect. A reading aloud compartment could bring people together, rather then sitting sideways, ignoring each other and sitting out there traveling time.

    2. Jamming compartment

    Besides reading, people also love to make music together. The jamming compartment could be a place where people come together to make and/or listen to music.

    3. Preaching compartment

    The time traveling could be well used in many ways. For example, by allowing preachers to preach their religion or philosphy to those interested in the preaching compartment.

    4. Escape room compartment

    This one is a thrill. Try, with your fellow travelers to escape from the escape room compartment before the train reaches its destination. Fail, and you risk missing your appointment or even having to pay a fine for traveling more miles than you paid for.

    5. Theater compartment

    A train could have a compartment for various types of entertainment. It could be the local theater group, or a standup comedian or the local magician.

    6. Sponsored compartment

    Some compartments could be sponsored. This could make it more fun and make traveling by train cheaper. You could have a Coca Cola compartment, or a Walt Disney compartment, or a compartment that sells fashion.

    7. Talk show compartment

    A compartment could host a talk show. You could then travel by train, and be on national television in a talk show at the same time.

    8. Short movies compartment

    Short movies are movies that take less then 15 minutes. You could have a comparment that looks like a small cinema, enlisting these types of movies.

    9. Training compartment

    You could have a compartment that give trainings to those who enter it. Could be both soft skills or hard skills.

    10. Nudism compartment

    Ok, this would be a compartment I would skip, but, hey, there would probably a market for it.

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