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Transcending Conflict: A Lesson in Forgiveness. (2 min 43 sec)


    1. The Misperception.

    Craig: "Is this Junk Jedis?"
    Ron: "Yes"
    Craig: "Hey, what's going on man, this is Craig. You know our dumpsters aren't supposed to be used by anyone else."
    Ron: "Okay"
    Craig: "Yeah, it's not supposed to be used by anyone else. I'm going to call the police. It's under surveillance."
    Ron: "Oh, Okay"
    In this dialogue, Craig accuses Ron's company of improperly using the shared dumpster, threatening to involve the authorities. However, Ron remains calm and non-defensive, simply acknowledging Craig's statements without protest.
    Craig's accusation stems from a misperception rooted in the ego's belief in separation and attack. He assumes Ron's guilt based on past incidents, projecting his own fear and judgment onto the situation.
    The Way of Non-Judgment
    Ron's response, however, exemplifies the principle of non-judgment. By not defending himself or counter-attacking, he refuses to reinforce the ego's cycle of conflict. His silence neither confirms nor denies the accusation, effectively neutralizing the perceived attack.
    All defense is an attempt to protect the false self, the ego. True forgiveness lies in recognizing that no attack has truly occurred, as we are all united in our shared identity as God's innocent creations.
    The Call for Love
    Bravo and Mike: "Why didn't you tell Craig you didn't do it and that you knew the one who did?"
    Ron: "He never asked any questions, and I know I didn't put the debris in there."
    When Ron's friends question his lack of defense, he simply states, "He never asked any questions, and I know I didn't put the debris in there." All behavior is either an expression of love or a call for love.
    Rather than perceiving Craig's accusation as an attack, Ron chooses to see it as a call for understanding and compassion. By not engaging in judgment or defense, he extends the opportunity for Craig to release his own misperceptions and remember their shared truth.
    This dialogue illustrates how transcending the ego's perception of attack and embracing non-judgment defuses conflict. It is a powerful reminder that our true nature is one of love, and that every perceived offense is a chance to extend that love to ourselves and others.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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