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Transforming relationships in the modern era. (1 min 35 sec)


    1. Are both parties willing to engage in a dialogue?

    Continuing a conversation becomes much easier once you have initiated it.
    Relationships should be utilized as a pathway for spiritual growth and healing.
    Once you have their attention, you can steer the conversation towards topics that interest both of you the most.
    Initiating is often the most challenging part.

    2. Are both parties friendly and cooperative?

    3. Do both parties have a clear understanding of their desires?

    Were the goals for the relationship established from the beginning?
    Relationships offer an opportunity for forgiveness, letting go of grievances, and transcending your ego's judgments and conflicts.
    Are you willing to see beyond surface-level differences and grievances?

    4. Are both parties open to shifting their perceptions?

    5. Do both parties share the desire to make the relationship work?

    6. Are you now ready to experience each other in a new way?

    7. Remember, whether you choose to stay with your partner or leave, is not the ultimate goal.

    8. The ultimate goal is to utilize the relationship as a transformative journey.

    You can prescribe a solution until you diagnosed the problem.

    9. A relationship "works" when it serves as a platform for spiritual growth, healing, forgiveness, and awakening to the truth of inherent love.

    10. The focus remains on the profound growth and awakening that can be fostered through your shared experience with another.

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