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Trapped in the Darkness: The Unforgiven Mind and the Path to Freedom (3 min 6 sec read)

An unforgiven mind is like walking around in a dark, shadowy room that is closed off from the Light. 
The walls are thick and oppressive, seeming to close in around you. In this room, there is a heavy atmosphere of tension and negativity. 
Every surface is covered with a thick layer of dust and cobwebs, as if it has been abandoned for years.
In the corner of the room, there you are huddled in the darkness. You are consumed by feelings of anger, bitterness, and resentment, unable to let go of past grievances. 
Your face is twisted with pain, and your body is tense and rigid. You are trapped in your own thoughts and emotions, unable to see beyond your own narrow perspective.
Outside the room, the sun is shining bright, birds are singing and squirrels are playing, but with an unforgiven mind you cannot hear or see any of it. 
You are cut off from the beauty and wonder of the world, trapped in your own self-made prison.
The only way out is through the process of forgiveness, which will open the door and let in the Light of Love and healing.

    1. Forgiveness is the process of seeing beyond our judgments to our shared Oneness.

    2. An unforgiven mind is trapped in a cycle of judgment, resentment, and blame.


    3. An unforgiven mind sees others as separate and distinct from oneself, and fails to recognize the interconnectedness of all things.

    4. An unforgiven mind is unwilling to let go of the past and embrace a new way of seeing the world.

    5. An unforgiven mind doesn't recognize the limitations of the ego and is unwilling to open up to the guidance of its Inner Teacher.

    6. Forgiveness is about letting go of our grievances.

    It's not about anyone else. 
    The people we believe to be our problems are only triggers or reminders of what has come up for healing. 
    All grievances reside solely in our mind.i

    7. An unforgiven mind is..

    ...full of fear.
    ...has no room to love.
    ...has no room to be itself. sad. confused about itself. angry and afraid. afraid to stay but even more frightened to go. never able to transcend the chaos of the world.
    ...tries to make illusions real. hopeless.
    ...sees pain and suffering as a way of life.
    ...sees nothing in the world that makes sense.

    Gunman Kills Five People in Texas afraid of the sound of guns but more afriad of the stillness within. terrified of darkness but even more frightened moving towards the Light.
    The connection between thought and what shows up in our lives is always a perfect match.
    You Can't Fool Mother Nature.
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