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Trash Can Ideas


(Image source: Kai Schreiber on Flickr.com)

    1. Funny sayings on garbage cans in public spaces

    In my part of the world, the garbage cans have been printed with funny sayings for over ten years.

    Example: Your papers, please! Or: I'm not picky.

    Another possibility would be profound quotes about the impermanence of material possessions.

    2. Talking dumpsters

    After throwing in the trash, they might say "Thank you, Sir" or "Thank you, Madam."

    3. Garbage cans that look like robots

    A nice gift idea for science fiction fans.

    4. Particularly large and airtight closable waste bins

    Advantage: You would have to empty them less often

    5. Painted public garbage cans as art objects

    Painted by children or artists

    6. People could adopt a trash can

    As a public service

    7. Soap boxes could be made from garbage cans with wheels, such as those used in individual households

    8. Notices could be attached to waste containers

    After all, they are among the places where the neighborhood meets.

    9. The waste paper bin should include a dedicated compartment for used books and newspapers

    10. The surfaces of large dumpsters could be rented out as space for advertising posters

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