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Trout season readiness list

    1. Fresh line on all the poles

    2. Do some scouting to determine where to be on opening day

    3. Keep an eye on the weather

    4. Do I need some new tackle?

    The answer is no, but I'll likely end up buying a few new lures anyway.

    5. I’ve got three experiments planned

    6. On one pole I’m going to use only lures from one company.

    One year, multi species, same company.

    7. I’m also going to try to fish with a simple cane pole all year long.

    This simple form of fishing is almost always overlooked today. I want to practice all the different ways to catch fish using just stick and string.

    8. I would like to try Tenkara

    Tenkara is a Japanese form of fly fishing that is similar to using a cane pole. No reel, fixed length of line, etc. Fly fishing has always interested me but also been a little intimidating. This might be a more accessible route.

    9. Spend more time on the water.

    I say this every season. 

    10. Get the canoe back in the water.

    Related to #9. Another project that I'm always "getting around to". Maybe if I tell enough people, peer pressure will ensure I follow through.

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