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True Story

Surviving random violence

    1. Don’t be the easiest to victimize

    Walk confidently - be cognizant of your surroundings

    2. It’s always a surprise

    You have to be able to act quickly

    3. Always wear shoes that will enable you to run

    Know in advance if you can run in your shoes

    4. Fit in - don’t draw attention to yourself

    5. If you think you are being followed down a stairwell have a plan to deal with an attacker from behind you

    Crouch low on a step holding the railing & use your other arm to grab the perp & throw him right over you down the stairwell - I actually did this & prevailed against an attacker

    6. Always carry something that can placed between your neck & an attacker’s method of trying to strangulate you

    Can buy you time to step on their foot - bonus points if you have high heels - spike them

    7. Scream

    8. Carry a dummy wallet with those fake credit cards that come in the mail

    Throw it at them and run the opposite direction

    9. Always look under your car before you get in

    Someone may grab your leg to knock you down to the ground

    10. If you’ve been victimized do not blame yourself

    Do a post - event evaluation of what you might do differently to avoid being victimized again

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