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Tuesday Gratitude

Any tips on how to be consistent with weekly gratitude practice? Daily practice supposedly isn't as beneficial as weekly, but I find weekly harder to keep up with for some reason.


    1. My Kindle

    because I've been using it more lately, and it's a great pleasure to be able to consume so much knowledge simply by downloading eBooks.

    2. My girlfriend's parents

    because they're the sweetest. She's having a video call with them right now and it's just nice hearing them.

    3. Coffee

    because it feels nice, doesn't it?

    4. My kettlebell workouts

    I recently bought a 16kg kettlebell hoping that it would be a better way to stick to a regular exercise schedule (and tant pis if my muscles don't grow very big for now!). So far so good. I'm just sticking to kettlebell swings for now, which makes it rather fun and less intimidating, which in turn makes it easier to stick to it.

    Tim Ferriss said something like: "An imperfect plan that you follow is better than a perfect plan that you don't follow."

    5. My geographical plans for this year

    Exciting things ahead.

    6. Having my business properly set up

    It seems everything is now in order banking-wise, which feels good.

    7. Writing jokes for myself

    because it makes me enthusiastic and reminds me of how much I love jokes. I'm slowly getting back into writing jokes for myself and not just for work.

    8. Listening to that Steven Wright album

    I recently got drawn again to one-liners since stumbling upon some videos from Anthony Jeselnik, so I thought I would get back into that sort of mood and get some inspiration, and maybe I can get back to writing good one-liners for myself. I also asked to be on the list to pitch jokes to BBC's Breaking The News (apparently, anybody can do this).

    I hadn't listened to Steven Wright in a long time, and it felt great walking around and listening to his weird thoughts.

    9. Blinkist

    I finally signed up to Blinkist. I used to be a bit skeptical about these book summary apps, thinking it's not worth it if you don't read the whole book, but now I tend to think most nonfiction books are not necessarily worth reading in full. There are so many books I want to read, so Blinkist is a good way to get the gist of a book that I may not be ready to read in full, or to understand the main ideas of a book and figure out whether I want to read the whole thing. I think it can also be used as a way to increase retention after reading the actual book.

    The audios are nice too, although they've been quite buggy.

    10. That bakery/pizzeria I just discovered

    I'm living in Padova, Italy until April, and I just discovered this lovely bakery/pizzeria that doesn't look very Italian. The people are nice and the viennoiseries are quite good.

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