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Two Thought Systems: Falsehood and Knowledge. (2 min 45 sec)


    1. In the realm of human consciousness, there are two distinct thought systems - the frame of Falsehood, rooted in perception, and the frame of Knowledge, steeped in Truth.

    These two paradigms form the foundation of our understanding of the world and ourselves.

    2. Thought System #1 - The Frame of Falsehood - Perception:

    In this world of perception, reality is not truth but rather a subjective interpretation. It's a world where time reigns, bringing about the ceaseless flow of change. It's a realm marked by the dualities of beginnings and endings, birth and death, and the ever-present struggle between right and wrong. This thought system emerges from our deeply ingrained belief in separation, sin, scarcity, guilt, and fear. It's a state of mind that we acquire through learning and conditioning, not an inherent state of being. Yet, it is crucial to recognize that this perception-based world is inherently unstable and, at its core, grossly inaccurate. This is the thought system that the majority of humans find themselves deeply immersed in.

    3. Thought System #2 - The Frame of Knowledge - Truth:

    In stark contrast, the world of Knowledge is a realm of unity, abundance, sinlessness, love, and eternal life. It embodies the very essence of what humanity yearns for. Here, the divisions and limitations of the perceptual world dissolve into interconnectedness and oneness. In this thought system, the constraints of time and change give way to the eternal, where love prevails, and life knows no end. It is a world beyond want, beyond fear, and judgment. This is a thought system that is rejected by and foreign to most humans.

    4. The profound choice between these two thought systems shapes our experiences, perceptions, and the reality we create for ourselves.

    It is a choice between the ephemeral and the eternal, the illusory and the real. At each moment of existence, we are invited to question our beliefs and to choose the frame of Knowledge, embracing the Truth that offers unity, abundance, love, and the promise of eternal life.
    It is a choice that beckons us to awaken from the dream of separation and fear, guiding us toward the harmonious embrace of unity, love, and everlasting life.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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