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Uber Efficient - Your Wishes Just Got Granted

    1. Your grievances have no life, no transportability on their own unless you become their Uber driver.

    You're the one who retrieved the passenger whether it be guilt, unforgiveness, anger, fear, or hate.

    You're chauffeuring the passenger(s) around town and wondering why you are so unhappy.

    2. Every day you pick up the same passengers.

    You gas up.

    You drive to the grievance's house.

    You say, "get in unforgiveness, get in fear, get in hatred" and what you fail to realize is that neither can leave their house without your help.

    Holding on to grievances is Uber efficient in providing the life that you don't want.

    Grievances are nothing more than figments of your imagination unless you decide to give them a Lyft.

    3. Grievances are a lot like your car's GPS.

    Your GPS requires input from you. Which is it going to be, love or fear?

    When you put the right information into your GPS you arrive at your intended destination with ease and with no hassles.

    Your GPS provides you with a constant feedback loop on how well you're doing.

    Your GPS is a way for you to quickly get back on track when you've made a wrong turn.

    Your GPS keeps you from encountering roadblocks.

    Your GPS requires a commitment on your part for it to work properly.

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