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Underrated movies everyone should watch

I love a good film. Here's a list of some you may have missed that are still worth watching.

    1. Dirtywork

    Is it the greatest film ever to be produced? no. But it is highly enjoyable. It'll keep you entertained from start to end and you'll be laughing the whole way through it. Watch the clips below, if you want to see more of that be sure to check ut Dirtywork.

    2. Freddy got fingered

    Despite being multiple awards for worst film, i really enjoyed this. Just silly humour. Very much an acquired taste, but if it seems like your thing , you'll love this film.

    3. Gregory's Girl

    A love story unlike any other i have seen. And it's filmed in my hometown. This film feels a lot more real than most films. Highly recomend checking it out.

    4. Tropic Thunder

    Pushing comedy to it's limits. If you don't easily take offence you'll love this one.

    5. God Bless America

    One of my favourite comedeys. This movie is just wild. Watch the trailer, if it sounds intresting , watch the film, you'll love it.

    6. Weird Science

    Two tenage boys build their perfect woman. Looking back it's creepy, no way would the revers ever get made, but if you can get past that aspect it's highly enjoyable.

    7. Flight of the navigator

    Young boy falls down a hole. When he climes out the world is 20 (i think) years into the future. He's still a kid, he's found his family , but they've all aged, so he still feels alone. He then finds a spaceship and thats where things get fun.

    8. The New Guy

    High school comedy. A loser learns how to become the coolest kid at school. I never hear anyone talk about this film, yet i rate it as one of the best in this gerera. If your looking for a new twist to the high school comedy give this one a watch.

    9. Weekend at Bernies

    Silly comedy. Their boss dies and they use him like a puppet in order to fool everyone else. I wouldn't recomend the second film, but the first is great.

    10. Fighting with my family

    I'm not a wreseling fan, but this film was great. The story of how a young girl became a world famous wrestler. Based on a true story.

    11. About a boy

    This one is hard to describe. Watch the trailer, if it seems intresting give it a watch. I really enjoyed it.

    12. Egle Vs Shark

    A lose story based around losers, with a reverge plot added in for good messure. Funny film.

    13. being John Malkovich

    This one is wild. Someone finds a secret hole in his work. When you crawl through it you enter the mind of actor, John Malkovich and can control his body for a short period of time.

    14. Accepted

    They don't get into college, so they make their own. Students teach their own classes and its non stop fun.

    15. Kickass

    One of my favourite superhero films. No superpowers, just people in costumes, fighting bad guys.It get's sillier towards the end, but still a highly enjoyable movie.

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