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Unique stories everybody can tell


Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

When we tell our most unique, personal stories we are most likely to connect to the universal. Here are a few stories almost everybody knows and can tell, and other people will relate to them.

    1. Your earliest memory

    2. Your first day at school

    Could be kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, high school, college, horse riding school, plumbing school, whatever. Starting on a new learning experience is fraught with possibilities.

    3. Your first kiss

    Don't be lurid. But most people seem to have something similar. Like, my first was a little girl in second grade who talked me into it, and then told the teacher I kissed her so the teacher sent me to the principal's office. Two weeks later, she solicited me again. I refused because of "last time," but she said she wouldn't tell this time. So I did it again, and she did it again, and I got to visit the principal again. Unlike Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football, I finally learned.

    4. How you and your significant other met

    5. The biggest day of your life

    There's a secondary interest here in finding out what event someone considers the biggest day of their life.

    6. Somebody you care about died

    7. What led you to your career

    8. Your first job

    Note: with rare exceptions, this is not the same as "what led you to your career."

    9. Your best friend from school

    10. Your greatest regret

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