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Unique Ways to wrap gifts when you’re snowed in?

omg this is so fun. I thought about this too. Cheap wrapping paper is like $5 and expensive wrapping paper is like $12. I just. can't. I found some old stuff but i tried a few other ways.

    1. Colorful Paper

    I have lots of colorful paper because I am a preschool teacher. I tried tapping it together and then making wrapping paper out of it. It was a disaster. i don't think I used enough tape. I stopped.

    2. A cereal box

    You could put things in a cereal box and then tape the two ends really well. Kind of ghetto but why not.

    3. Post its and Amazon Box

    Grab a bunch of post its and write messages on them to the person. Maybe do this throughout the year. At the end of the year.. put your gift inside of an amazon box and tape the post its with clear packing tape. It would be very meaningful. All those notes...

    4. Old VHS cases

    Do you have any old VHS covers? Put small items in there and then tape them up on both sides. Maybe break open the vhs and take out the film. Put items in there and use it as another container. I would love getting something quirky like that.

    5. Make a book out of it

    Last year for Christmas I got 20 people 2 different gift cards. 1 to a local coffee shop and 1 to a used bookstore. I gifted an experience. I took 6 pieces of cardstock in different shades of green. The pieces were a third the size of a piece of paper if you were folding it hamburger way. I bough tiny envelopes that would fit on the pages. The first page was the cover. Page 2 was an envelope and why I was grateful for the person, page 3- a gift card, page 4- another reason I was grateful, page 5- the other gift card and page 6 another reason I was grateful. I closed them on one end with teeny tiny binder clips. It was soooo cute. A lot of this requires special material but you can make your own.

    6. Hollowed out book

    Glue a bunch of pages of a book together and then carve out the center. I learned how to do this in high school art class. It takes some time but is super fun. Hide something in there and tape the book closed.

    7. Pringles Can

    They are just the best shape! Put a scarf in there. Poke some holes in the plastic lid and then the can. Put ribbon through them to close it.

    8. Anything you just want to get rid of.

    I did this this year. I have a bunch of material I used at my last preschool job that I dont need this year at my new one. Big Jingle Bells. I have absolutely no need for them. I gave them to my students as gifts. It's not a way to wrap something but could be decorative. Do you have a toilet paper roll that you could turn into something magical? Just google preschool toilet paper roll projects.. You could make an adorable topper to a gift wrapped in TOILET PAPER! omg so fun.

    9. Burn a candle and use the container

    I LOVE candles! Burn a candle that has a glass container. Use a double burner and get rid of the wax. Put some fun treats in there. I guess all of my ideas are for little presents. I just love gifting experiences.

    10. Paint an Amazon Box

    It could be one of those hipster cool pieces of art. Those pieces of art when you go inside of a modern museum and there are just random stuff piled up and they call it art. I went to the national museum of oslo and one exhibit had a video from the 80s of a women putting in a tampon on stage. She lifted up her skirt to show everyone. I couldn't look away but my face was also like WTF?? Make some paint out of water salt flour and food coloring. Be the weird aunt. It's fun.

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