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Unmasking the Fake Opponent (4 min 4 sec read)


    1. God, Love, and Happiness: The Interconnected Trio

    Love, being the essence of its own being, can only bring happiness. 
    With no limits and omnipresence, there is no place where love does not exist. 
    In fact, the interchangeable nature of God and Love reinforces this belief. 
    Love is infinite and eternal, transcending all boundaries and limitations.

    2. The ego mind may argue, 'this is not true.

    The ego mind tends to identify holes and gaps in love.
    It doubts your alluring, angelic, breathtaking, captivating, charming, ethereal, exquisite, fascinating, glorious, graceful, heavenly, magnificent, mesmerizing, radiant, serene, splendid, stunning, sublime, tranquil, whimsical, winsome, and wonderful nature.
    You start to believe that sin, guilt, pain, suffering, separation, and death can enter, bringing you pain instead of joy.
    This strange belief that we have created limits our happiness, creating a definition of love as something that is limited.
    If love is limited, it would mean that it is only available sometimes, and not at other times, making it unstable and unreliable.
    This introduces a fake opponent, an opposing thought to what has no limits and no opposites.
    The concept of fake news can be applied here, as it is impossible for such an opponent to exist.
    Consequently, fear has become associated with love, as it is so unpredictable and unreliable, much like a 3-legged chair that can come and go at any time.
    Think about all the things that come and go in your life.
    The result is a world filled with minds that believe these stories about God and Love are true.
    Our images and perceptions, with no foundation in truth, bear witness to the fear of God, creating a God that we need to fear, instead of a loving God that we can embrace.
    By fearing God, we forget that being Love itself must include joy, and any definition of love that does not provide 100% joy must be questioned.

    3. Happiness is Your True Nature

    God being Love means that happiness is an intrinsic part of what you are.
    To fear love is to be afraid of joy and happiness, causing us to be afraid of our own basic nature. 
    This faulty foundation adds one confusion on top of another, making it essential to let go of the notion that love is something scary and awful.
    By letting go of the fake opponent, the false idea that God or Love is fearful, and all our earthly concerns, we can begin to recognize that happiness belongs to us. 
    It is a part of our fabric, and an attribute of Love, which is what we truly are.
    To fear God is to be afraid of joy, and everything about Love that is absolutely kind is also absolutely True. 
    When we realize this, we can start seeking Truth instead of holding onto our misguided beliefs.
    Love is everywhere, with no gaps and no opponent. 
    Letting go of our fears and embracing Love will bring us the happiness we seek every day, guaranteed.
    I hope you find lots of happiness today.

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