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Unnecessary Words

I was a Certified Toast Master and when you study public speaking you realize how many 'filler' words we use to occupy potential silence when we're thinking of what to say. Ultimately, our communication can undergo a kind of 'inflation' when we put words in that don't contribute any of their own value/meaning.

    1. Umm/Uhh

    Makes you sound hesitant.

    2. Basically...

    This was my addiction. I actually gave friends permission to punch me in the arm if they heard me use this word.

    3. So...

    My wife can't start a sentence without this one.

    4. Wait...

    And my eldest son uses this one.

    5. Anyway/Anyways

    6. "Yeah, No" or "No, Yeah"

    I saw this labelled as a Mid-Western US thing, but I think Canadians do it too.

    7. Technically...

    In the same vein as Basically

    8. Literally

    Can be a word that clarifies, but is so often used incorrectly.

    9. I believe/I think/In my opinion

    From the context, it's often apparent that what you're expressing is an opinion, does flagging your statement as an opinion add value?

    10. Eh?

    Canadians, what are you going to do?

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