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Unpopular Opinions

What unpopular opinions do I hold.

Willing to admit that I could be wrong on all of them. I'll explain my reasoning, if you see any flaws let me know.

    1. Trans women are men

    Is there a more solid definition?

    How can you confirm that your feelings are X and not Y?

    Still believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Good friends have transitioned and they seem to be in the same mindset as me. They're not really a woman, but living as if they are makes them happy. I'm fine with that.

    2. Abortion

    It comes down to is it a child. If it is it's wrong, if not it's fine.

    I see it as a kid, but I can see how others see otherwise. I believe in choice. If folk are educated well enough they'll make a smart choice. More focus should be on that than protesting if any change (either way) is to happen.

    3. Character > race

    Recently we've been bombarded with a focus on race (and other things that shouldn't matter sexual preference, gender, disability, mental illness etc).

    TV shows/movies pride themselves on having a new black character, because now black kids have someone to look to. What we can only admire people with similar skin colours to us? What happened to admiring virtues no matter the race?

    There use to be a term for people who put race before character? Why the push to make more people like this?

    4. Hate Crime

    Noone commits a crime out of love. Getting robbed hurts just as much regardless of your skin color. Being bullied hurts just as much regardless of your sexuality. Being abused is just as traumatic regardless of your sex.

    This seems to be another example of focus on the wrong things. What leads folk to commit crimes isn't the hate aspect, it comes before that tackle that mindset instead.

    5. Talk to someone

    Talk to someone if you're depressed, but what if they're just as stupid as you. What good does that do?

    It's almost right though - talk to someone smarter, that cares. Someone smarter can see solutions your blind to. And if they care, they'll help you see them.

    This was a big factor in why I didn't talk to people. I could predict what they'd say without talking to them, so what was the point. Once I seeked smarter people the advice life changed for the better.

    6. Ska is the best type of music

    Probably my most controversial as well as my strongest opinion. It's such a happy and fun beat how can you not love it?

    If more people listened to ska every morning the world would be a far happier place.

    7. God

    I don't believe in God, but I think idiots should. (not saying all that do are, I'm saying if you're an idiot belief is a smart move).

    You get a community, people that care and will help you. You get rules to live by that will help keep you out of trouble. You have meaning (serve God). If idiots believed in God Crime would reduce and happiness levels would increase.

    The worry is that this could lead to terrorism in the name of God. Its not the wise belevoers that kill.

    8. Offence is taken not given

    This list may be considered offensive, but it (like all things) is only offensive if you choose to be offended.

    If a toddler called you a poo poo head you wouldn't care, so why do you allow yourself to feel hurt when an adult says something?

    View things you don't like as if it's a toddler speaking and you'll soon see that offence is a choice why would you choose to feel hurt?

    9. Covid vax

    I don't think the majority of people need the vax. Covids got a low death rate in general, even lower for younger /healthier people. With Omicron being even less dangerous why the need for the vax?

    I didn't like the push, a lot of propaganda. When I see that I choose not to listen to it.

    10. Movies suck nowadays

    I can't remember the last time I was blown away from a film. Spiderman was the last time I even bothered going to the cinema. It was OK, it was nice to see old faces, but the story sucked and their was no character development (sure we saw different sides of the character, but what lessons where learned? How did they grow?

    I want an epic story where I watch someone grow into someone better. I just don't see that now. Characters just are, sort of like an animated cartoon. No matter what happens one episode they revert back to the norm in the next.

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