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Unshackled by Love's Higher Law. (2 min 2 sec)


    1. Shackled by fleeting rules, we yearn for the eternal law of Love that guides, not punishes.

    Man-made laws are transient, constantly changing, and rooted in the ego's desire for control, punishment, and retribution. They are based on the belief in separation and the need to regulate behavior through external means. The sheer volume and complexity of these laws make it nearly impossible for anyone to fully comprehend or adhere to them, yet ignorance is not considered an excuse for breaking them.
    In contrast, God's law is singular, unchanging, and rooted in Love. It is not about punishment or retribution but rather about correction and healing. God's law is not external to us but is an inherent part of our true nature as creations of Love.
    We are not bound by man-made laws but only by God's law of Love. As we align our minds with this eternal law, we experience a sense of freedom that transcends the limitations and constraints of the ego's world.
    In recognizing the supremacy of God's law, we are reminded that our true identity is not defined by the ego's rules and regulations but by our value as beloved Creations of God. We are called to let go of the ego's thought system of punishment and to embrace the truth of our oneness with God and with each other.
    Through this understanding, we can navigate the world of man-made laws with clarity, knowing that our allegiance is to the eternal law of Love. As we align our thoughts and actions with this law, we become instruments of healing in the world, reflecting the love and light of God in all that we do.
    Which self are we talking about? The Self or the self.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you
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