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USA vs. England

World Cup Game Today. I'm American.


    1. Should I care?

    Sure. Why not. It's the World Cup.

    2. Do I care?

    No. Not at all.

    3. If there's one Soccer game I could maybe care about, shouldn't it be this one?

    I'm not sure I've ever watched the US in the World Cup. England is historically one of the better teams. So I'm told?

    4. Did we tie our first game?

    I think so? Think we were winning. But TIED. This is why I can't get into soccer. You play for a long period of time to tie? But if the game were played like a week later, you wouldn't have the ability to tie?

    5. How long is a game?

    I believe it's 90 minutes? But I haven't checked. Why 90? Is it like other sports where the game is several hours long? Or is it just 1 hour and a half?

    6. Why are they playing in Qatar?

    Is that some sort of joke? Shouldn't this be played in a country that has a history or soccer?

    7. Isn't soccer better in the rain?

    Maybe that's just English weather?

    8. Can it rain in Qatar?

    9. I apologize to the world

    I just don't care. I tried.

    10. Going to the gym instead

    But, do hope the US Wins. And hope you enjoy your World Cup, world, bc I know you all love it!

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