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Useful App ideas

A few apps that would improve the world.

    1. Politics

    An app were you get to vote on new laws.  It doesn't affect if they become law, but serves as a way to inform the public and share the public opinion on new laws.

    A proposed law is uploaded.  Public can read and vote if they would pass it or deny it (or have no option) and they can comment their thoughts on the law as well as read and vote on others opinions.

    You will also be able to see what laws MPs have voted on giving you a much better view on who to vote for in the future (as even those not in power could vote and when it comes to elections you can see what they would have voted for.

    This may also serve in simplifying laws and stopping unnecessary things being added into them.

    2. Jobs

    Tinder for jobs.  

    Worker's upload their skills/CV

    Companies uploaded a brief description along with required skills.

    You'll only be shown briefs for jobs that are looking for your skillset and all you'll have to do is swipe right to apply for the job.

    Company then gets to read your CV and can send a msg if they think you're a good fit.

    Finding work should be this simple I'm still amazed that it's not.

    3. Friends

    An app where you can state something fun you'd like to do and anyone can msg you in order to join the event.

    Anyone up for the cinema tonight?  Yes I'll come, what would you like to see?

    Good way to easily meet new people.  It could have a ratings system to help nervous people avoid creepy folk.

    4. Online timeline

    An app that integrates with all your other apps.  Everytime you like something, from anywhere it adds it to your timeline.  This can be made public or private.

    This serves as an memory cloud remembering everything important that you did online.  How often have you forgotten a YouTube video you liked last week?  Or a tweet that made you laugh?  Now finding everything will be easy 

    5. PDF reader

    An app that uses AI Voices to read out pdfs/eBooks.

    Celebrities can be paid for likinesses of their voice.  Or normal people can upload their own voice data to be used.  Would an AI version of your own voice reading be better or worse than hearing someone else read to you?

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