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Useful Things To Do With Snow

Saw a few flakes last week and Sunday. When it comes down in bulk, what can I use it for?

Useful Things To Do With Snow

    1. Snow Art Gallery

    Transform your backyard into a stunning snow art gallery by creating intricate sculptures and designs. Use different tools like shovels, buckets, and even spray bottles filled with colored water to create unique and eye-catching snow art. Invite friends and family to visit your gallery and enjoy the beauty of your snowy masterpieces.

    2. Snowball Bowling

    Turn your snow-covered lawn into a fun bowling alley by building snowball pins and using a larger snowball as a bowling ball. Set up the pins in a triangular formation and take turns rolling the snowball to knock down as many pins as possible. This game is perfect for some friendly competition and a great way to enjoy the snow with friends.

    3. Snowy Treasure Hunt

    Create a thrilling adventure by organizing a snowy treasure hunt. Hide small treasures or clues in different spots around your yard, buried under the snow. Provide participants with a map or riddles to guide them to the hidden treasures. This activity will keep everyone engaged and entertained while exploring the winter wonderland.

    4. Snowy Science Experiments

    Use the snow as a medium for exciting science experiments. For example, you can build a snow volcano by forming a volcano shape out of snow and pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar into the top. Watch as the volcanic eruption occurs, creating a visually captivating and educational experience. Explore other snow-related experiments, such as making snowflakes using borax or conducting a snow density experiment.

    5. Snowy Silent Disco

    Organize a unique and memorable winter party by hosting a snowy silent disco. Provide each guest with a pair of wireless headphones and create a playlist with different genres of music. As everyone dances and enjoys the snowy atmosphere, the lack of external noise will create an intimate and immersive experience. Enhance the ambiance by adding colorful lights and decorations to make it an unforgettable celebration in the snow.

    6. Snowball Target Practice

    Set up a target range in your backyard using various objects like buckets or cones. Take turns throwing snowballs at the targets and see who can hit the most. This activity not only helps improve hand-eye coordination but also adds a competitive element to the fun of playing in the snow.

    7. Snowy Ice Cream Making

    Use fresh, clean snow to make your own homemade ice cream. Mix together milk, sugar, and your favorite flavorings in a bowl, then gradually add the snow and mix until you achieve the desired consistency. This activity is a delicious way to enjoy the snow and create a tasty treat for everyone to enjoy.

    8. Snowy Photo Booth

    Create a winter-themed photo booth in your backyard by hanging up a white sheet or using a snow-covered backdrop. Provide guests with props like scarves, hats, and snow-themed accessories. Take fun and memorable photos with friends and family, capturing the joy and beauty of the snowy landscape.

    9. Snowy Obstacle Course

    Design a challenging obstacle course using the snow as your playground. Create tunnels, mounds, and hurdles using the natural terrain. Add in fun elements like crawling under a snow tunnel or jumping over snowbanks. This activity is a great way to get active, test your agility, and have a blast in the winter wonderland.

    10. Snowy Outdoor Movie Night

    Set up a projector and a white sheet against a snowbank to create an outdoor movie theater experience. Bundle up in blankets and watch your favorite movies while surrounded by the magical ambiance of falling snow. Provide hot cocoa and popcorn for a cozy and unforgettable evening under the stars.

    11. Husky King (Queen) Of The Hill

    Our Husky Cheyenne "insisted" on perching on top of snow piles, and I "had" to pile up the driveway snow for her. She'd be in her glory looking down on her kingdom. Miss her lots.

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