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Uses For Mini-Field Notes Book

I have a Bullet Journal that I can use to record almost anything I want to write down. I prefer the 5"x9" size for this. It usually sits on my desk, but I can honestly bring it anywhere. Still, sometimes I'm lazy and I don't have it immediately handy, plus I recently acquired (swag from a tradeshow) a very cute little notebook that is just under 6"x3".

Having it alongside my bullet journal seems redundant, but if it was in a more convenient location (maybe bedside?) I might find a few uses for it.

Uses For Mini-Field Notes Book

    1. Dream Journal

    Write down what I dreamt about as soon as I woke up.

    2. Reading Notes

    Bedtime is probably the only time I get any book reading done. Occasionally I wish I had kept notes for reviews or even the big takeaways.

    3. Weight

    I forget to record this by the time I've left my bedroom.

    4. "Shower" Thoughts

    It's documented that people get great ideas in the shower; full disclosure (and gross-out alert) - I get some of mine on the toilet. A notebook close by would let me record these - I don't keep my phone nearby in the bathroom or bedroom either, so maybe this is right.

    5. Grattitude

    If I forget to do this elsewhere in the day, and I'm too far from my bullet journal (or other journals).

    6. "Commonplace Book"

    Thoughts and inspirations.

    7. Keeping Stray Ideas for Idea Lists

    I keep multiple draft incomplete idea lists - the scariest is when I think of a new idea for a work-in-progress right before I lie down - do I run downstairs or trust myself to remember it?

    8. Toiletries Shopping List

    I often note how I'm out of shampoo, body wash or razors or whatever when I'm in the bathroom in the morning, but by the time I get downstairs, I'm thinking about other things so a shopping list for toiletries doesn't get made as reliably as one for groceries - my phone and bullet journal are much more within reach of the kitchen.

    9. Sleep Log

    My CPAP (Continous Positive Air Pressure - for Sleep Apnea) gives a readout for hours slept and quality. I don't fully trust the data (it measures how long I wore the mask, not how long I actually slept, and though there's an app that syncs, it's a pain in the neck because I seem to have to renew the password too often. Still, any data measured is better than nothing, so I could jot down a note when I wake up.

    10. To-Do's I Forgot

    If I think of a task in the last minute before bed, I can jot something down in the mini-notebook. Ultimately I can migrate it to the real bullet journal the next day, in fact, that could go for most items on the list.

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