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Using ChatGPT to create a D&D character from my resume

Image created in MidJourney

    1. Character Name: Elijah Stoneheart

    2. Class: Wizard

    3. Race: Human

    4. Fictional Backstory

    Elijah Stoneheart was born to a family of renowned wizards. From a young age, he showed an incredible aptitude for magic and quickly surpassed his peers in skill and knowledge. However, Elijah always felt that the magic of his family was too focused on academia and theory. He longed for a more practical application of his skills.

    As he grew older, Elijah began to travel the world, seeking out new experiences and ways to apply his magical abilities. He found himself drawn to the field of data analysis, where he could use his powers to help organizations make better decisions and improve people’s lives.

    Elijah spent many years honing his craft and eventually became a master of data analysis. He developed the mythical spear called the Analytical Edge, which allowed him to cut through mountains of data with ease and uncover insights that others could not.

    As a chaotic good wizard, Elijah always sought to use his powers for the greater good, even if it meant going against authority or tradition. He became known as a champion of the people and a fearless defender of truth and justice.

    To honor his family, Elijah wears a robe adorned with the emblem of a mythical owl, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge that has been passed down through generations of wizards.

    5. Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Based on the candidate’s experience and qualities, it is difficult to determine a precise Dungeons and Dragons alignment. However, one possible alignment that may fit the candidate is Chaotic Good.

    Chaotic Good characters believe in doing what is right and just, but they may not always follow the rules or adhere to established traditions. They value personal freedom and individual rights, and are often willing to fight against oppression and injustice.

    The candidate’s experience as a change agent and their ability to adapt quickly to challenging situations could be indicative of a chaotic approach to problem-solving. However, their focus on improving data quality and adherence to data governance standards suggests a strong ethical foundation.

    Overall, Chaotic Good is just one possible alignment that could fit the candidate, and the choice of alignment ultimately depends on a range of factors, including personal values, beliefs, and actions.

    6. Skills: Arcana

    The character could have proficiency in a wide range of skills, including Arcana (for their knowledge of data science), Investigation (for their experience in data quality and data security), and Insight (for their strategic and analytical thinking abilities).

    7. Weapon: The Analytic Edge


    A magical spear can transform into a sword or a bow, depending on the needs of the situation.

    1. Ability to manipulate data: The weapon could be imbued with magical powers to use data and provide real-time analysis of the battlefield, allowing the character to make strategic decisions.
    2. Increased critical thinking: The weapon could enhance the character’s critical thinking abilities, making it easier for them to find weaknesses in their opponents.
    3. Rapid fire: The weapon could have the ability to fire multiple projectiles at once, allowing the character to take out multiple opponents quickly.
    4. Elemental damage: The weapon could be imbued with elemental powers, allowing the character to do extra damage to opponents weak to a specific element.
    5. Fear-inducing: The weapon could strike fear into the hearts of opponents, causing them to hesitate or flee from battle.
    6. Teleportation: The weapon could have the power to teleport the character short distances, allowing them to quickly move around the battlefield and avoid attacks.

    8. Character Stats

    <Resume Alpha is the label applied to my resume>

    Sure, here are some potential ability score suggestions for a D&D character based on Resume Alpha’s qualifications and experience:

    • Strength: Given that Resume Alpha’s experience is more focused on data management and analytics rather than physical strength, a lower score in Strength could be appropriate.
    • Intelligence: This would likely be the highest score, reflecting their extensive knowledge and expertise in data management, data science, and artificial intelligence.
    • Wisdom: A high score in Wisdom would also be appropriate, reflecting their strategic and analytical thinking abilities, as well as their ability to adapt and learn quickly in challenging situations.
    • Dexterity: This score may not be as high as Intelligence and Wisdom, as their expertise is not necessarily in physical coordination or agility.
    • Constitution: This could be a moderately high score, reflecting their ability to thrive in challenging and complex environments.
    • Charisma: This score may not be as high as Intelligence and Wisdom, as their expertise is more focused on technical and analytical abilities rather than interpersonal skills.

    Of course, the final ability scores would depend on the specific character concept and play style, and could be adjusted as desired by the player and Dungeon Master.

    9. Avatar: The Owl

    An appropriate avatar for Resume Alpha could be an owl. Owls are often associated with wisdom, knowledge, and analytical thinking, which aligns well with Resume Alpha’s expertise in data management, analytics, and financial industry experience. Owls are also solitary creatures, which could reflect Resume Alpha’s ability to work independently and adapt to challenging situations. Additionally, owls are known for their excellent vision and ability to see in the dark, which could symbolize Resume Alpha’s ability to identify and solve problems in complex or uncertain situations. Overall, an owl avatar would be a fitting representation of Resume Alpha’s skills and experience.

    10. Insignia

    An appropriate insignia for Resume Alpha could be a combination of symbols that represent data management, analytics, and financial industry experience. For example, the insignia could include a stylized owl (as mentioned in the previous answer) sitting on top of a globe or a stack of data disks to symbolize global reach and data management. The owl could be holding a stylized graph or chart to represent analytics and financial industry experience. The colors used in the insignia could be a mix of blue, green, and gold, which are often associated with financial institutions and data analysis. Overall, the insignia should be visually appealing and incorporate elements that represent the candidate’s expertise and experience.

    11. Jungian archetype: The Sage

    Based on the information provided in Resume Alpha, an appropriate Jungian archetype for this individual could be "The Sage". The Sage archetype is often associated with wisdom, knowledge, and a desire for understanding. Sages are typically intellectual, analytical, and reflective individuals who are interested in exploring the depths of their own mind and the world around them. They value learning, rationality, and critical thinking, and are often seen as mentors or guides to others seeking knowledge and guidance. Sages can also be solitary and introspective and may struggle with connecting with others on an emotional level.

    12. Bonus: Midjourney Prompts

    A powerful wizard stands tall and proud, wielding his mystical spear, the Analytic Edge, with fierce determination. He is a human wizard with chaotic good tendencies, his robe adorned with the emblem of a wise and powerful owl. The camera is a high-end digital SLR, equipped with a wide-angle lens, set to capture the action from a low-angle perspective. The time of day is dusk, with the warm glow of the setting sun casting a golden hue over the scene. The style of photograph is cinematic, with deep shadows and rich colors, evoking a sense of epic adventure. The film type is digital, allowing for easy editing and enhancement of the final image.
    a power mythical spear call the analytical edge wielded by only the most powerful wizards

    13. Full Article including Prompts on Medium

    You can find them in my medium article

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