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♍ 6 Things About Virgo

Now onto Virgo, the virgin waiting for the fall to soon come as summer starts to fade.

♍ 6 Things About Virgo

    1. Studious

    Often serious about the subjects they are paying attention to. Wanting know every detail in a responsible manner in case a response is needed in the future. Becoming a repository of knowledge that others can depend on instills a sense of purpose and duty to this natural tendency.

    Sometimes missing the forest for the trees, being so focused on minute details that the bigger picture is missed. Be careful of getting bogged down in pedantry.

    2. Serving

    Being a part of a community or system where one serves a purpose for the good of others is of deep importance. Often eager to help out and be seen as useful, and thus is often a lynchpin for systematic orderliness in what would otherwise be complete chaos.

    People are more than their usefulness or uselessness. Be wary of being used without appreciation and reciprocity, and be mindful of the tendency to feel lost when not always having a role to play. It's okay to just Be and Exist too!

    3. Tempered

    An image of grace under pressure, or at least temperance during a tempest. Trying to keep it all together when there are so many glaring contradictions in life in the form of beliefs, needs, emotions, or actions takes a clear mind and steady hand. Keeping this balance prevents one from falling into extremism, and is seen as a guidepost for others.

    Moderation can sometimes be repression, and it can be hard to tease out when one is being modest or is blunting what would otherwise be their uniqueness. It can take a toll on the body if there aren't avenues to vent and relax every so often.

    4. Concerned

    Sometimes it can be difficult to care so much, but knowing what one knows while seeing what one sees, it's difficult to turn off the alarms and ignore all the red flags. It's an act of kindness to correct what others haven't, whether due to their own inability, ignorance, apathy. After all, everyone must live in this world, including oneself.

    It's easy to burn out both phsyically and emotionally when feeling responsible for fixing all that is incorrect in the world. Or even noticing it and flagging it for others. Don't let this anxiety develop into a debilitating neurosis.

    5. Conscientious

    A spirit of duty towards doing things the right way in the right amount at the right time. Because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing carefully and well. This rigour and dependability is indispensible in any system worth its salt, and consequently, they should treat such a person as such.

    Being akin to all of planner, task executor, and quality control can feel like a relentless and thankless barrage. The relentlessness may be a bit more tolerable if it weren't so thankless. Make sure underappreciation isn't exacerbating any burnout.

    6. Particular

    Things don't have to be perfect, perse. They just have to be specifically within certain parameters. And there are plenty. Some may call it picky, but a better word for it is precise. Whether it is subjective to the self or objective in shared reality, there is a clean aesthetic goodness to this alignment and precision that can't be overlooked, and it is satisfying each time it is achieved.

    Perfectionism can be debilitating, especially in an imperfect world or when one eventually faces failure, criticism, or even hostility. Learn to understand where this truly matters and where the wabi-sabi of life itself can be celebrated.

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