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Virtual Meetings I Would be Willing to Try

Many social gatherings went virtual over Zoom or other services during pandemic lockdowns. I swore off them to a certain extent, but saving time on commuting to a location or dressing up has its appeal if it got me participating in fun activities that I don't necessarily get to try through local connections.

    1. Table Top Role Playing Games

    Dungeons & Dragons, for example

    2. Playing in a band

    I have a ukulele I can barely get decent sounds out of, but it's the thought that counts, right?

    3. Special Needs Parent Support Groups

    4. A Beer Tasting

    You'd have to coordinate that everyone had access to the same products.

    5. Card Games with old friends

    Needs software to simulate the deck of cards

    6. Book Club

    7. Writer's Circle

    For accountability and feedback.

    8. A Language Class

    My kids hate virtual German school, but maybe it would be easier for adults?

    9. A collaborative cooking class

    A meal is agreed upon beforehand (e.g. a mushroom risotto) and everyone finds their recipe of choice. The ingredients etc. are discussed and the final product is a Frankenstein's monster of all the recipes. Everyone cooks it in their kitchen, eats, and discusses the results.

    10. Watching Star Wars or any movie everyone's seen enough times that talking during the movie isn't a problem.

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