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Walking in Sync: Tips to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on the Leash With Low Level Ecollar Technique

Walking in Sync: Tips to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on the Leash With Low Level Ecollar Technique

    1. Use the correct training collar and/or combination of collar

    Herm Sprenger (appropriately sized) 2.25 mm 30 lbs and under 35 lbs and up 3.0 mm

    Slip lead


    These must be fit properly. Most common mistake is placed too low on the neck and dangling like a necklace instead of snuggly fit.

    2. Separate the exercise from the walk

    3. Start with the follow me game using 180 turns

    • Don't talk your dog through this process, prompt your dog with the ecollar instead
    • Once your dog starts doing exactly what you want, start naming it. "Let's go" "Heel"
    • Use the ecollar tap to prompt
    • On the 280C start with nick and tap for turns
    • If your dog is slow to respond, or you feel the urge to pull on the leash to control them, switch to the continuous button immediately and use the tap/hold, tap/hold method as you guide them through turns.
    • Use the remote in the same manner you would a car turn signal. Prompt your dog you are both about to make a turn.

    4. Keep your leash short, but don't pull the leash tight

    5. Establish an ecollar level

    To determine the appropriate ecollar level, aim for the minimum level that elicits a noticeable response from your dog without causing a startle reaction. The ideal level should be comfortable for your dog to learn with an open and receptive mindset. It's akin to finding the perfect bowl of porridge in the story of Goldilocks - not too hot or too cold, but just right.

    6. Tap on the ecollar right BEFORE you start your 180 turn

    Before executing the 180 turn, apply a tap on the ecollar. This serves as a signal to your dog that you're about to turn, similar to how you signal your intention to turn while driving a car, giving ample warning to the cars behind you.

    7. Don't wait and hope, direct your dog before the pull begins.

    Reminders mean you are anticipating that split second when your dog is going to charge ahead. REMIND at that moment. Think ahead of the dog.

    If your dog has already gone out ahead of you, don't keep going.

    Options: 180 Turn or Backpedal

    It's more manageable to reshape a dog's way of thinking than to modify their behavior.

    8. Levels on the ecollar

    The ecollar level may require adjustment in response to increased distractions. This is why it's crucial to separate training sessions from regular walks when teaching or re-teaching your dog not to pull on the leash. Doing so allows you to address any changes in ecollar level needed for effective training in a controlled environment.

    Just as learning the alphabet is fundamental to reading and spelling, practicing in a low-level distraction environment is foundational to teaching your dog what state to come back to when the distraction stakes get higher

    In reality, you're likely to encounter higher distractions during your dog's training, which is why gradually adjusting your collar level up by one number at a time until you reach a baseline level is crucial

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