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Ways I start my day

Always with coffee. I am a zombie for at least one full hour.

    1. Brew fresh pot first thing

    Grinding your own beans tastes at least 5x as good as ground coffee. It doesn't take very long either(10 seconds?)

    2. Sit near a window and look outside

    Usually like to see some birds or squirrels. Or, people walking their dogs. Or just walking. Maybe one day I'll walk down the street with them with my coffee. I am like the car people have in the winter up north. You have to start it and let it sit before it is time to go.

    3. Read

    Usually read about a chapter or 5-10 pages. Any book

    4. Journal

    Very simple. I write in phrases, not full sentences. Each day I base off the 'Miracle Morning' - SAVERS. Like the simplicity. I don't finish all of it in the morning.

    5. More coffee

    Minimum of 3 cups. Usually 4. After that, lose any benefit. Black or with cream. No breakfast. Except, Saturday, family breakfast.

    6. NotePD

    Get the brain going. Also, it's a check mark in the journal. Feels like I accomplished something, even if I am worthless the rest of the day. It's motivating to see other people's lists. This website is very positive. It's the only social media site I leave and feel better after I visit.

    7. Check the internet

    Email. Markets. Current news. Text messages from friends.

    8. Prepare for the day

    3 goals for the day. Often have this set day before, but good to revisit.

    9. Say 'I love you' to family

    And my dog. Who seems to love me the most.

    10. As the fog wears off, get into a positive mood

    Try and pump yourself up for the day. Having a good mood, even if you shouldn't, will enhance the rest of your day. Mood and energy guides performance.

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