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Ways In Which A Business Can Profit From Birthdays

Facebook has made birthday greetings ubiquitous and robotic. A business will immediately stand out from their competition by acknowledging birthdays sincerely.

    1. If collecting birthdays is not a normal part of your business, start doing it.

    Doctors, dentists and other medical professionals Collect birthdays for obvious reasons. If it's not normal in your business, simply explain that you want to start recognizing the birthdays of your important customers.

    2. If it makes sense, offer something free from your business.

    If you're in the food business, give something from your menu.

    3. If giving away something free from your own business does not make sense, collaborate with another business.

    For example, if you do root canals, giving away free root canal isn't going to be too exciting… In that case, team up with a restaurant that offers a birthday meal.

    4. Collaborate with other businesses.

    Regardless of whether or not you can offer something free for your customers birthdays, you should collaborate with other businesses To give your customers even more free gifts…like a free car wash or a free game at the bowling alley or a free movie at the local movie theater or a free ticket to a local baseball game… Imagine coming up with a birthday package worth $100 or 200 that you could give to each of your customers. Why would other businesses do this? The smart ones know the value of getting someone to try their business for the first time. If they collect the contact information of those customers they could get them to come back again and again.

    5. Celebrate Half-Birthdays

    When you know the birthdays of your customers you also know theor half birthdays… Six months till their birthday. You can have lots of fun with this one and easily stand out from any other business they work with.

    6. Acknowledge Birthdays On Social Media

    If people are coming to you to get their birthday gifts, with their permission, take a picture of their smiling face and post it on your social media. Tag them if you can. If they own a business, tag the business and with any luck they will share the photo on their pages.

    7. Get Their Other Info

    Starting a birthday club is a great way to get the contact information of your customers. You'll need to contact them to give her presents. You can use that contact information to reach out to them the rest of the year.

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