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Ways to do Remote work right

Not my experience! My spouse is a hybrid worker and I think they are great at the balancing act.


    1. Designated Office Space

    Not your bedroom, or kitchen. And if you don't have enough room in your bedroom, see if you can add a divider or curtain around your desk, so that you don't just sit next to your bed. Separate between work/home life. Note: I don't do this myself....I just sit on my couch or on the ground.

    2. Get up and get ready

    Like you are going into the office. Keep the same routine. Have a shower, brush your teeth. Get dressed (yes, you can wear sweatpants instead of slacks...). A trader friend of mine has a "Uniform" he wears everyday. He won't trade unless he's taken a shower and is wearing the uniform. Makes you feel official.

    3. Zoom

    Get good at it. Make a nice background. Or get a filter like Kari Lake....I just found out you can blur the background. Think it looks nice?

    4. Don't let family just break into your work life

    Anymore than they would if you were at the office. Make sure they know that when the door/curtain is closed, to not disturb you. No, you can't help them fold laundry right now, you have to get ready for a meeting!

    5. Go to the office/Meet people in real life

    If possible, don't do everything online. If you live somewhat near work, try and get to the office now and then. If you live far away, still try and make it a few times a year. You can't replace real face to face relationships. If this isn't possible, make sure you are getting enough social life outside the screens in your personal life. Meet people. I'm struggling with this now...

    6. Nice Keyboard

    Maybe one of those ergonomic ones? Never tried, but hear great things.

    7. Walking/standing desk

    Or a nice desk. Some people even have the treadmill desk. Not a bad idea. Better than sitting all day.

    8. Get work to pay for some things

    Try and get work to pay for some internet/phone/a nice computer/desk set up. Since you are working from home a lot more.

    9. Take advantage of the extra time!

    Do some laundry. Get a few other household items done in your breaks. It splits your day up. It allows you to take full advantage of your personal time!

    10. Keep your desk clean!

    Just like you should at a normal office. Don't be a slob!

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