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Ways to improve my demo lesson (Graphs)

I mistook time zone differences and as a result I am up two hours early. May as well get my mind in tune and enhance my lesson.

    1. Causation /corilation

    Ice cream sales and shark attacks both share a similar graph both rising in April and falling in August.

    Does this mean ice cream sales affect shark attacks? If this is the case shouldn't we ban ice cream sales and stop anyone else from being attacked? This way of looking at data is called causation. One causes the other.

    Another way of viewing the graphs is that they aren't causing each others rise and falls, but are both affected by another outside force. Could it be that more people eat ice cream and go swimming in the sea in warmer months? It's heat that causes both. We call graphs that are affected by the same outside force corilated.

    When reading graphs make sure you don't mistake causation for corilation.

    2. The gap instinct

    If we looked at a distribution of money graph we'd see a hockey stick like graph with a long slow rise then a sharp rise right at the end. A quick look might make us believe that there is a huge gap between rich and poor. There is, but there's also many who live great lives in the middle. We forget most of the world lives here due to the two extremes distorting our perception of the graph.

    When reading graphs be aware that extremes can distort our view and lead us to making bad readings.

    3. Stocks

    What info would you look at on a graph if you where going to buy stocks? What else might be important? Is looking at only the change throughout the day smart why/why not?

    Looking at stocks should make looking at graphs more exciting. Adding a way to make money should hold their attention.

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