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Ways to improve the UK

How would I improve the country?

Hopefully this makes voting next month a bit easier.

    1. Education

    Let's start by rethinking education.

    We need to understand that computers as well as AI are a huge factor now.  Learning maths from memory makes little sense when we always have a calculator in our pocket.

    The same goes for translation, spelling, and memorization.  So what do we focus on?

    How to think.  How to ask better questions.  How to get the answers you need.  

    If everyone agrees that social media has made mental health worse for kids it makes sense to teach Therapy technique's to help selth soothe and reduce the harm.  

    Martial arts should be taught to help reduce bullying and increase discipline.

    Projects should be a focus rather than exam's.  In the real world that's how our knowledge is assessed, how do we use it, not can we answer a few questions.

    We also need to drop diversity/inclusion nonsense.  Celebrate hard work and achievement, not minority status.

    2. Crime

    Focus on why crimes are being committed in the first place?  Bad neighbourhood?  Split everyone up and start over.  Or implement social clubs for kids so that at least the next generation is a little better off.

    Maybe they're committed because people have snapped.  Having therapy taught in school's should help reduce this.  Maybe we could push advertising out on different techniques to help everyone. (I recommend The Rocco Effect comics)


    3. Love

    It seems that only the crazy gammons love the country.  That's not right, every citizen should love it and want it to grow.

    Brainwashing to get everyone more patriotic will help unite the country.  It also helps immigrants become British quicker.

    We also need to work on making life better here.  Better public transport.  More reasons to socialise with others.  

    4. NHS

    Waiting times are really bad.  GPS are always rushing and often come to the wrong diagnosis.

    Implement AI GPS.  It won't be perfect, but it will reduce numbers drastically.  You can talk to it about your symptoms and even take photos to help it diagnose what's wrong and provide treatment.  You'll need checked before you get your prescription to stop junkies abusing the system.

    Free gyms for all.  £30 a month is far too much.  This will pay for itself, healthier individuals mean less hospital visits.

    5. Colour

    Modern architecture is grim.  A splash of colour might help cheer folk up.

    Japan has cool designs on sewage doors.  We should do the same and more 

      Make the city into an art museum 

    6. Work

    School's need to teach entrepreneurship.  The project based approach should do this, but push even more as they get older.

    Make an app as simple as tinder to find work/workers.  It honestly shouldn't be as hard as it currently is.

    Job center's should be pushing those that can't find work to make their own money.  Even if they need to team people up. If homeless bums can make money, noone has an excuse.

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