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Ways to Improve Your Resilience

Resilience is a key factor in feeling content. Knowing you will bounce back from adversity takes the bite out of setbacks.

    1. Realize that you are not your thoughts

    Thoughts are generated by your brain. Your mind is separate from the thought generator. You have the choice to focus on a thought or to let it pass.

    2. Meditate

    Meditation is the practice of separating your thoughts from you, the observer of the thoughts. It takes time, but it is well worth it to practice this every day.

    3. Read The Daily Stoic

    Stoicism is not what most people think. Mr Spock from Star Trek is a stereotype for stoicism. That's not a true representation. Stoicism is observation, self-reflection. It's not letting your emotions direct your life.

    4. Have a backup plan

    Worst case scenarios are rare. They don't last forever. But they do occur. Having a plan B is crucial to feeling secure. Define what your own plan B means to you and work on it a little bit daily or weekly. But don't obsess over it. It's like insurance. It's good to know you have it and it can be adjusted to your needs as the years go on.

    5. Reduce or remove social media in your life

    The evidence us out there regarding social media. It is not making us happier. It is addictive. It does not make us resilient. Put limits on your consumption and you will feel better.

    6. Work out

    Physical activity is necessary for feeling good. It fills your resiliency bucket. Define what being fit means to you, and aim to be at least that strong or strive to be a bit stronger.

    7. Maintain your network

    Who are your closest contacts? A network is extremely important for resilience. You know who you can reach out to in your time of need. But reach out to them before you need them. Cultivate your relationships to keep them strong. We are a social species and we need each other to thrive.

    8. Practice gratitude

    A daily practice of gratitude is key to resilience. Do the 5 Minute Journal or something similar every morning and you will feel differently about your life and your future.

    9. Consider intermittent fasting or other fasting protocols

    It's all the rage these days, but fasting does have physiological benefits. It is nice to know that you have power over your hunger. It can redefine what hunger means to you. It does not have to be extreme. Just try to go 12 hours or more without eating. Feel what it's like to actually have hunger. Reset your body's expectations.

    10. Sleep well

    Try the Oura ring or another sleep tracker. The data may surprise you. Practice good sleep hygiene. Do everything you can to maximize your time in bed. It is the cornerstone to resiliency.

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