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Daniel Knight


10 Ways to keep my dog active in the winter

It's getting cold and I have a 6 month old Doberman... how can I keep him active indoors so he doesn't drive me bananas?


    1. Box jumping

    I still have the box that his crate came in. Lately I've been teaching him to jump over it and he seems to enjoy it.

    2. Indoor fetch

    3. Doggie treadmill

    4. Bundled up runs outside

    5. Pay a dog walker to endure the cold 🥶

    6. Let him run laps around the house

    7. Use the stairs

    How could I get him to run up and down the stairs repeatedly until he's tired? 🤔 

    8. Intense training

    Have him chase me around the house while jumping on and off stuff... I already do this. 

    9. Get another one 😅😳

    If I had another one, they could tire each other out, right...? Lol

    10. Remote controlled car with treats

    This might actually be my best idea. Maybe I should get a high speed car or remote controlled ball that I can strap treats to and have them chase that around the house. 

    I'm pretty confident he would catch up to it and destroy it before it tired him out. I think I'm onto something here though.

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