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Ways to make hotel stays better

    1. Faster check-in

    If you already have all my information, why do I need to re-check in? I know some places have wireless check-in, but it's not everywhere. Why can't you already have the cards up front and then I scan a barcode when I arrive and my keys come out?

    2. Choose room ahead of time

    Like you do with airlines.

    3. No breakfast discount

    If I don't use your Buffett, can you throw me a small discount? Could let them know ahead of time so they don't cook so much?

    4. Better coffee options

    This is all I want for breakfast and I'm constantly disappointed with hotel coffee. I also don't like Starbucks, so can I choose something ahead of time? Or let me know what type of machine is in the room?

    5. Have the option for hard/soft beds

    Not that I care, but some people prefer something or the other.

    6. Parking

    Sure, some have valet. But, can't I reserve a parking spot ahead of time? Each room should accommodate two cars? Assing the spots based off what room you will have?

    7. Discount for no cleaning service

    Some hotels give you points if you decline cleaning service. Maybe give me a discount instead if someone plans ahead?

    8. Choice on soap/shampoo/lotion, etc

    Would be nice to know what to expect or if we can change out. Could charge more for nicer products.

    9. Reserve pool seats or gym time

    Have some sort of app that you can book times. Would make it go smoother and less awkward.

    10. Partner with local gyms

    I don't know why they don't do this already. If the hotel doesn't have a great gym you could upcharge for a nice local gym to checkout. The gym and the hotel have another source of revenue.

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