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Ways to Market and Promote my Upcoming Book on Gratitude: "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You."

    1. Use Kindle Rocket to determine the best categories in which to market the book.

    2. Create a Book Launch group with my email list and Facebook friends. Get them to do reviews, and buy the book when it launches (low price) in exchange for exclusive content, free course, and my undying gratitude.

    3. Podcast tour! Approach all friends with podcasts, and reach out to show what value I can bring to the audience for the host.

    4. A one-week premium/bonus of a free course with the book ($95 value) for everyone who purchases the book in the first week.

    5. Ask really good friends to do a mailing for me if they also think their tribes would appreciate the book.

    6. Get on the news as a local author to talk about the book--use the footage in social media and emails as a commercial.

    7. Shoot a book trailer for it that's cool, irreverent, and catchy...encourage to share.

    8. Send this out to my own email list, of course! Give them goodies.

    9. Message literally everyone in my contacts that I've ever had a personal relationship with to help by buying the book/leaving a review/spreading the word IF THEY WANT TO...if not, it's all good!

    10. Create a HOW TO SHARE/HOW TO HELP website page with easy links to purchase, get the free course, leave a review, and SHARE in the MISSION.

    11. Create a MISSION of helping the mass of humanity LOVE LIFE EVEN MORE by showing them how to do it and making it super easy for them to share.

    12. An accountability buddy page. Come here to find an accountability buddy. Also shows a sample format for accountability meetings (just gratitude/or with life, goals, etc).

    13. Give a sample of the Audible content for the book on the website. Make it shareable as well. Start off with the Quick Wins.

    14. Do a very shareable Quick Wins for gratitude where I list 10 tried-and-true methods to create an attitude of gratitude in our daily lives.

    15. Ask @JamesAltucher and his community for more ideas and help!

    16. Get help with the Self-Publishing school community and Chandler Bolt, with The Miracle Morning Community, and the Great At Gratitude Community.

    17. Give a Free Sample: Give potential readers a taste of what your book has to offer by giving them a free sample chapter or excerpts from the book.

    18. Write Guest Blog Posts: Share your insights on gratitude with others by writing guest blog posts on related topics.

    19. Speak at Events: Position yourself as an expert on gratitude by speaking at events or conferences on the topic.

    20. Do a FUN Book Launch Party! Tie it in with my 50th Birthday. Make the gift to me to purchase and review the book!

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