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Ways to reduce social friction

We do what's easy. So how can we make being social easier? 


    1. Clothing

    Wear something that leads to a talking point. Cartoon tshirt. A sports hat. A necklace with a cool symbol ect. This provides others an easy excuse to start talking to you. 

    2. Invite everyone

    Post to your social media what you're doing and invite others to join you're now seen as a leader. 

    3. Break the ice

    Say hi. Intrudce yourselves. This will make it a lot easier for them to talk to you on the future. 

    4. Ask for a favour

    Excuse me can you hold this whilst I tie my shoes. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. By the way I'm____ nice to meet you.

    We do favours for people we like. This approach gets people to think past the sale and believe they are already friends with you. 

    5. Do them a favour

    Do something nice for them and they'll feel the need to be nice back. 

    6. Don't finish the

    We like closure. Leave them without it and they'll spend time trying to close it themselves. The more they think about you the more important you will become 

    7. Ask advice

    Nothing makes people happier than feeling like they matter. By asking advice you make them matter. Bonus points if you explain why you asked them over everyone else. 

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