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Ways Travel Actually Reduces Carbon Footprint

World leaders and the rich get called out for their travel habits while espousing the need to combat climate change. I don't know about flying in private jets, but I think my carbon footprint and/or negative environmental impact might be reduced while on vacation abroad.

    1. You Do Less Laundry While Travelling

    Washers and dryers use a lot of energy.

    2. You Do Less Driving Part 1

    You're not commuting to work, running errands, taking kids to school.

    3. You Do Less Driving Part 2

    If you rent a car, you'll pack your entire family and drive together, effectively car-pooling what might be a 2 car household.

    4. You Do Less Driving Part 3

    Getting around on a tour bus or train while in a foreign country amounts to using public transit at home.

    5. You Use Less Electricity Part 1

    You (and your family) will probably be in a smaller space (e.g. hotel room) than at home and not have as many lights on.

    6. You Use Less Electricity Part 2

    Any time you spend outdoors, you're not using the power grid for devices like TV, Internet, or computers.

    7. Engaging in Local Cuisine

    Your travel destination is likely to include local cuisine sourcing local goods, unlike when you're at home.

    8. You Sleep In

    You can't pollute the environment much while sleeping.

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