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Ways We Have Regressed

In the West, most societies have have evolved for the better. Where have we gotten worse?


    1. Men Dress like Slobs

    Men used to dress nice to work and when seen out in public. I prefer the dress down, but understand that there's a time and place to look nice.

    2. Men can't change a tire

    Or do anything handy really. They don't fix many things anymore.

    3. We used to build our homes

    No one does this anymore.

    4. Online Dating

    This is a huge step back. Humans are meant to connect in person. Not saying you can't make meaningful connections online. But swiping to meet someone is kind of lazy.

    5. Quality of Appliances/Things

    Microwaves. Refrigerators. Toys. All of these things are made more cheaply. Sure, they might have a sensor or a screen, but they don't last 20+ years anymore.

    6. Furniture

    Just crap. And not necessarily cheap. Even nice stuff isn't made with great quality like the old days. My parents have furniture that is 50+ years old that still looks great. I don't see anything lasting 20 years anymore.

    7. Media

    The Media has gone from a respectable and admired group to a fear-mongering and clickbait chasing joke. Can't remember the last time I trusted a news source and I would never think to question them in the past.

    8. Politicans

    They used to have some ethics. Or at least we thought they did. Maybe now all the smart people go to areas they can make a lot more money. There are very few impressive people in politics anymore.

    9. Quality of Food

    Even McDonald's used to have decent quality food. Now, even insects won't eat it if you leave it out.

    10. Music

    Current stuff is horrid!

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