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We are Pure Innocence. (1 min 57 sec)


    1. **We don't have to do anything because we haven't done anything**

    Innocence is our true nature, not just a fleeting characteristic of childhood.

    2. **Our Underlying Essence**

    We are all innocent at our core. This innocence refers to our connection to God, which is love, peace, and joy. It's not about being naive or unaware, but about embodying our essential goodness, untainted by fear, judgment, or separation.

    3. **Beyond Mistakes and Appearances**

    We seem to experience mistakes, limitations, and suffering. However, these are illusions stemming from our belief in separation from God. These experiences are ultimately meaningless and cannot touch our underlying perfect nature.

    4. **Forgiveness is the Key**

    Remembering our innocence isn't a passive concept but requires active practice. The main tool is forgiveness, releasing judgments and projections toward ourselves and others. By forgiving, we choose not to identify with the illusions of separation and reawaken to our inherent innocence.

    5. **It's a choice**

    Actively choosing to see ourselves and others as innocent, regardless of appearance is a choice. This choice, repeated consistently, leads to a shift in our perceptions and experiences.

    6. **Beyond words**

    Innocence is not just a concept; it's a state of being experienced through love, joy, and inner peace. Practice helps us directly experience this state rather than just intellectualize it.

    7. **Universal nature**

    Innocence isn't reserved for the "good" or "holy." It's our shared inheritance as children of God, accessible to everyone regardless of past actions or beliefs.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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