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Webinar on police brutality against social movement

Write a concept note for a webinar on police brutality against social and ecologic movement in France, Latin America and Africa

    1. Start with the case of Eric Garner

    2. Interview someone like this:

    - a victim of police brutality in France (Eric Garner case)
    - a victim of police brutality in Latin America (the cases mentioned below)
    - someone who is involved in social movements or ecologic movements in Africa

    3. The cases in Latin America:

    The first case was that of Cecilia Pando, a member of the MST (Landless Workers Movement). She was beaten by the police and thrown into a river to drown. The second case was that of Maria da Penha, who was beaten by her husband and then thrown out of a window. Both were members of the Landless Workers Movement and both were treated horribly by the Brazilian police. Both are now famous for their work against domestic violence,
    Then there's the famous case where an indigenous woman was shot dead by the Bolivian police while she held her baby in her arms. There's also the more recent murder of Berta Cáceres, an environmental activist from Honduras who had just won the Goldman Environmental Prize for her work when she was murdered by soldiers trained by Americans.

    4. Then talk about what is happening now in France and elsewhere in Europe.

    For instance, we can look at last month's eviction attempt at Notre Dame des Landes, which turned violent as usual with many injuries on both sides despite promises from Macron that he would not use violence against protesters. https://www.thelocal.fr/20180713/notre-dame-des-landes-eviction-police-clash-with-protesters

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