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Weed Control Is Up To You - Sandburs & Grievances

They’re called Sandburs and they are largely preventable and can definitely be controlled with proper watering, fertilizing, and mowing.

Sandburs are like grievances.

Sandburs can ruin a walk through the park.

Holding grievances can ruin your day or a friendship.

Both are prickly little pain dispensers.

Both love attaching themselves to a host so that they can be distributed to other places to do even more damage.

Sandburs remind you that your yard needs some attention.

Grievances remind you that your mind (what you are thinking and believing) needs some attention.

Weed Control Is Up To You - Sandburs & Grievances

    1. Sandburs -prickly balls in my lawn

    • There are no herbicide treatments that will be 100% effective on sandburs every time, but they will help reduce the plants and subsequent seeds.
    • To effectively control sandburs, after the fact, largely depends on where the plant is in its growth cycle.
    • Timing is critical when applying pre- or post-emergent products to the treatment of sandburs.
    • Herbicides are a tricky and money-consuming way to fight sandburs.

    2. Making Happy Grass Eliminates Stickers

    One thing all homeowners can and should do to fight sandburs is to implement cultural practices, including fertilization, mowing, proper watering, and cultivation to help the grass choke out sandburs.

    These practices should be performed consistently.

    Sandburs prefer nutrient-deficient soil.

    Sandburs thrive in poor soil.

    Catching reproductive structures of mature weeds lowers the population of seeds and prevents them from spreading to other parts of the lawn.

    3. Grievances - identify, inspect, treat, and prevent

    Grievances - a real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment. A feeling of resentment over something believed to be wrong or unfair.

    • Identify the grievance you currently hold.
    • Inspect it and realize you are the orchestrator of said grievance.
    • Treat the grievance with love and kindness. Love is always the answer.
    • Prevent an upset for both yourself and another.

    Holding a grievance - both parties lose.

    There’s never a justification for holding grievances.

    Trying to deescalate a grievance after the fact is virtually impossible.

    If you feel aggrieved by anyone or anything you are insane.

    Holding a grievance against yourself or others is the lowest level of vibration known to mankind.

    To hold a grievance against your brother is to hold the same grievance against yourself.

    Grievances thrive in nutrient-deficient soil.

    Love thrives in nutrient-rich soil.

    You can water and fertilize grievances or innocence but not both.

    Letting go of grievances will make you feel better 100% of the time. No perfect timing is required - you can do it now.

    Watch out for your mature, long-held thoughts because they sprout new seeds that produce painful Sandburs.

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