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Weekend Bingo!

Loved this idea! Bingo typically has 24 spaces plus a blank space.. ohh man this will be hard.

Weekend Bingo!

    1. Watch a StarTrek Episode

    Startrek has been mentioned a bunch around me. I didn't like it as a kid but I want to watch an old 80s/ early 90s episode and see what I think about it as an adult. I love weird stuff.. what's weirder than startrek??

    2. Get 5 New Characters on MA3

    My new guy and I are playing the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game. I want to unlock 5 new characters. I am thinking we are needing out this weekend. 

    3. Have a delicious meal!

    I want to go somewhere yummy and eat yummy food.

    4. Complete $100 GC challenge

    I have been making money via gift cards through 3 apps this month. I think I can reach 100 by this weekend. They're all for Target. I have not been to Target in over a month. Shopping spree!!

    5. Read a Chapter in Winston Churchill book

    It's about his 3 daughters. So interesting!

    6. Write an idea list


    7. Do one fun date thing

    We went to the Detroit Historical Museum this weekend. Super interesting. 

    8. See Dad

    On Sunday! 

    9. Ask at least 1 Deeper Question

    My anxiety stops me from asking deep questions. I want to try.

    10. Wear something cute

    Sooo.. turns out guys like to see girls in dresses. Also turns out I like to wear dresses. Sooo. I guess I'll wear a cute dress!

    11. Do morning pages

    I'd like to start this again.

    12. Watch W Documentary

    I've been meaning to.

    13. Read 1 chapter in inventions book

    Love this book and can't wait to share a list about it!

    14. Clean out car

    It needs it.

    15. Sleep in!

    I get up at like 9 on the weekends. Lame!

    16. Spend under $100

    Save dat money!

    17. Call mom

    She started a retirement job.. gotta check in.

    18. Restart the artists way

    So fun!

    19. Car wash

    It needs it!

    20. Ask 1 hard question

    Again anxiety 

    21. Get money for books I won't read

    There's so many I bought them from. A used bookstore. I should return and get store credit.

    22. Add to the class instagram

    I made a gram to share ideas I want you do in class.. I shared it with parents. I haven't updated it.

    23. Rearrange room

    I need better lighting.

    24. Be grateful

    List for every day.

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