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Weekend Insta Ideas

I've finished the bulk of content for my instagram project. In the process I've got enough content for a few new books. Weekend content isn't as important, but it would be nice if I could do every day for a year, instead of just weekdays.

    1. Adverts

    Fun adds for my book (and future books) and online course. I could do sketches. Use toys, animate, have friends share their reviews,. Maybe I could get a patreon (or just share PayPal) and ask for donations. Keep these fun, even if they don't buy/donate they should still be able to watch and enjoy these ads.

    2. Note of the day

    I've written thousands of notes over the years. I could put random ones into a photo and share a 'note of the day'. This will allow for hashtags outside of my usual ones and draw in new followers.

    3. me

    Maybe I could use one of these days to share my day. This allows people to see the real me. Seeing me will build a stronger connection than just seeing photos.

    4. New projects

    Sharing what I'm currently working on allows me to build a new base faster. This will also serve as a guide on if something is worth continuing to work on or not.

    5. My week review

    I could share a review of my week. This will be easy to share, encourages me to review my week/plan for the future and will help others see how simple a journal can be. Sharing photos of my week might make this more fun as well. Taking more photos allows me to remember more great times.

    6. Podcast of the week

    I love listening to podcasts. Sharing my favourite each week continues my theme of improving ones life and reduces the work I have to do (continue doing what I already do). Sharing podcasts allows me to tap into fellow fans of said podcast. People who should also enjoy my content.

    7. Book recommendations

    I've read a lot of great books and a lot of bad books. Sometimes I see bad books recommended more than the greats, so shedding more light on the greats sounds like a good use of my Instagram. This also helps link my book with great books in the minds of my followers,hopefully leading to more sales.

    8. Mix

    There's no need to stick to just one of these ideas, maybe weekends can be random and include any one of these ideas.

    9. Community question

    A random question, designed to lead to comments and build a bond between all my followers.
    Maybe a Facebook group would be worth making.
    A group chat for people working on the tasks shared may also be useful. This will build a bond and will help with accountability in growing.

    10. Break

    Maybe I can have a day without posts. Everyone needs a rest.

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