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What 10 New Things Could You Wake Up & Immediately Do?

    1. Enjoy the sunrise

    That's the view from the foot of our bed. When I open my eyes I look at the clock and then the sunrise on the horizon. I take this same picture very frequently.


    2. Quick inventory of what I need/want to do today

    3. Hygiene

    This early, this just washing my hands and brushing my teeth.

    4. I do check my phone first thing

    It's a good way to make sure I did not miss something urgent related to the fire department, something that could seriously impact capital markets or something from a guest at our Airbnb.

    5. Greet our dogs

    We have 5 of them so we have a routine.


    6. Drink water

    I am much more of a drink when thirsty person instead of targeting some quantity but I think it is important to start the day with a full glass.

    7. Exercise?

    I don't usually exercise first thing but seeing that on a lot of the other lists. I workout around 10:30 or 11 usually. Today is not a lifting day but I took exercise items from other lists in this challenge as a prompt to do a full set of diamond pushups. On non-lifting days I will try to add early morning pushups or air squats.

    8. Morning reading

    I do this seven days a week. My day job is essentially one of my hobbies. I will always want to read about and learn more about capital markets long past the point where I am making a living at it.

    9. Routine?

    If you look, you'll find conflicting opinions about having routines for this sort of thing. I'm a believer in having a routine but probably no single right answer for everyone.

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